Billy’s Savings

       Billy was trying to save up money for a new game, so he had to start watching his spending. He is given ten dollars a week for allowance, and the game he wants costs fifty dollars and he hopes to buy the game on it’s release date in five weeks. In the first week, Billy spent 2 dollars on pencils for school. In the second week, Billy spent exactly two dollars again on school lunch. On the third week, Billy didn’t spend any money. He ended up spending the most on the fourth week; he spent nine dollars on comic books that week. On the fifth week, Billy spent seven dollars on toilet paper, and on the final week, the fifth, he spent eight dollars on dinner. In those five weeks, Billy only managed to keep 32 dollars, so Billy wasn’t able to get the game.

Coordinates: (0,2)(1,2)(2,0)(3,9)(4,7)(5,8)




            I am Elizabeth Riel and I am a Integrated Math student at Rodriguez High School out in Fairfield, California. Up until 5th grade, I went to a private school in Vallejo, California. I remember when I first went to a public school; Everything seemed so new. The things they taught me here were things that my previous school wouldn’t have even taught me!  My interests are kind of scattered. I have an interest in cartoons and I can really admire someone who knows a thing or two about cartooning. I also keep a collection of old NES and SNES games too. Diseases have always fascinated me for some reason; The thought of something so small taking down something much, much, much, much bigger than it is amazing. I used to dream of being a virologist, but then I realized the job required math. I find math tedious when I have to do it all the time, so I quickly ruled out having that job. I now want to do something I used to dream of doing when I was much younger: Getting into the animation industry.

            As a student, work hard and try to give it my all when a challenge is thrown at me. I tend to get stressed easily though, which is a downside. I do well in subjects like English or Social Studies, but math has always been a difficult subject for me. I’m a little slow when it comes to working with numbers… Organization has also been a strange thing for me. In middle school, I remember how I’d lose papers in English, only to find that I accidentally placed them under the ‘Science’ tab of my binder! Upon entering high school, I’ve made organization my top priority. High school is quite a step up from middle school, and I really don’t want to mess up here.

            I remember when I was a little kid, a kindergartner, I was just ecstatic when the teacher said we were going to start learning math that day. Everything started out nice, but in second grade I started having a little trouble. When we were taught how to carry over numbers when subtracting, I was the last kid to finally understand how to do it. The same applied for long division. It took me what seemed like forever and a half to understand how to do it… the day I finally grasped it was just an amazing day. I remember how the teacher was helping me with the problem and how she looked at me with a smile and told me that I had done the problem correctly without even realizing it. That had to be the best moment I remember from math.

            As a student in the class, I am going to do my best. I have great hopes for this class and believe that I can and will do very well this year. I believe this class is about being able to come in for a period, and leave knowing something new. I aim to get a solid A in this class and I plan to accomplish this by focusing on my work, staying organized, and on top of things, and by having a tutor help me from the get-go.